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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, My BROTHER. 

Daniel Lee Groves ( Little Danny ) of Scammon Kansas who was born in United States on September 29, 1976 and passed away on August 18, 2005 at the age of 28. We will remember him forever.  Danny was killed in an explosion at his work place.  There was no time to say good bye, no more I love you, no more phone calls.       That was it.  Please light a candle for Danny and his family during this time of year.  It will be hard on all of us.  May God be with us and all the other familes that have lost someone this year. (For those that light candles or visit Dannys site please know that I am his sister and not his mother,)

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^i^From Dannys Sister  Cassandra ^i^


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~Art Work Done by Cassandra Hyatt~

Danny's Sister

Rose Done mostly in Oil Colors.

I used a program to do the name and frame.

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Also Visit memory of Danny Groves Trey Robinson and Cody Grant Soper

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Dearest Danny,

You will always be apart of my life.
You are in my heart and thoughts.
Thank you for being who you were.
I know that you were greater than us all.
I try to find some sort of comfort in the fact that you are gone.
It is very hard to deal with the fact that you are gone 
leaving us here to fall apart.
We were a close family many years ago.
Now it seems as if because you are gone,
The "Family" has gone too.
I do hope that one day we will all have peace with what happened.
Peace within ourselves.
No matter what happens with your family,
Please know we all love you.
Please know we all Miss you.
Please know we will never forget you,
Love Cassandra

I am part of the Angel Families Family.  I want to send a very special thank you for all of you that have visited Danny's site, along with Danny, Cody and Trey's site.  It really means a lot to me that you all care so much to light a candle, or leave your love behind on their site.  We are all connected through our loved ones passing.  You know what I am going through.  Judie Thank you so much for starting the chat room.  Because of it I am able to talk alittle of Danny's passing, which is a hard thing for me to do.

For those that have lost someone you carried very deeply for I am sorry for your loss.  Sometimes you may feel as if no one can understand what you are going through.  You are not alone in this.  There are people that do understand and care about how you are feeling.  People that want to make your hurt go away because they too are hurting.


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*    This tragic event that has changed our lives for ever.  Our hearts wont ever be the same.  We will always have an empty feeling surrounded by questions, disbelief, and lonelyness.        Danny if you know what we are thinking and feel our pain from where you are, please be with us to comfort us.*

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Thou, Danny's time spent with us is way to short, we have a life time of great memories.    Please carry on Danny's memories by sharing them with one another.
He was a wonderful man with a hugh heart and loved by many.  It was our honor to know him and to share our life with him.  I know he will be very deeply missed. 
Please Visit

On August 18th I had just arrived home on my lunch break when I decided to check my phone messages.  I noticed that my younger sister had called so I called her back.  Little did I know she was standing on my front porch.    She told me that mom had called and we needed to go to Scammon because there was an explosion where my Danny worked and he was unaccounted for.
We drove to pick Tammie up who was on her second day of orientation.
When we arrived at Dads house Mom told us that Danny was gone.  

The explosion took 3 lives.  This is a very small town and has effect everyone.   Scammon will never be the same.  May God be with our families.


To view newpaper clippings please click on his web-site.     This was our american hero,    It is now        Right now it is what was on his other web-page, but I will be working on a new home page....

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I know that I am still in shock and numb...  It still doesnt feel real.. 

I know once I have to time to allow myself to sit and focus on this I will be angry,,,       that he was too young,,,  that I didnt get to say I love you once more,, that I have all these things that I wish I had a change to tell him,,,,,     I will be mad that he was taken from us in the way that he was,,,     His funeral was very beautiful.  It was perfect,,,   My dad and my sister are talking about how the three of the young men are up there right now comparing their funeral..   Which was very hard on us to have to attend three funerals that should not have taken place...   Cody was in the burn unit for 2 days before he walked through the golden doors,   Danny at least was killed instantly and suffered NO pain, same as Trey, and they didnt die alone.  They died what they loved doing,  They loved their job,   Danny couldnt wait to get hired

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Forever burning Candle

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Click on candle to Light a Candle for Danny

Danny I give you this forvever buring candle to honor you and to give you ever lasting Light.

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Danny I give you this light to light the path to us.  
 Please use it to come visit us Danny
Please give us a sign that you are with us.  For I do believe that you are there.

For those that are just passing through please light a candle so I know you were here.

 Please also visit memory for Danny Groves Trey Robinson and Cody Grant Soper  

  The three young men that passed together because of one tragic event.  I ask that you pray for the families and friend of these three young men.
For those that are local to Pittsburg Kansas and have pictures or stories to share please visit me at my shop.

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Daniel Lee Groves. Served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk
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